September 12th, 2008 by babspace

Welcome to the Pinkish Pages!

The Pinkish Pages originated as a place to archive the stories written by myself and my small circle of friends. Since its creation over eight years ago, that circle has grown… a lot. It even acquired a few fellow hentai, which quickly resulted in the building of the addition known as the Lavender Room.

The goal of the Pinkish Pages, and its Lavender Room is to someday become the ultimate multi-fandom fanfic/original work archives. Hey, I can dream can’t I? Of course the chances of this goal being achieved would probably be higher if my ability to layout pages was as great as my desire to read good fiction. *sheepish grin* Or if the harem would just cooperate!

In the meantime we hope you enjoy what we do have to offer. And please stay tuned, because we are always trying to get new stuff into the archives.

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